Our Mission

Surya Zoba Studies (Sunshine in Sanskrit) is a non-profit organization that provides regional experiential educational adventures and custom curricula. We promote empowerment through tailored educational experience, preservation through awareness of our environment, and stewardship by recognizing our role in our environment as a result of immersive place-based education. Our adventures and curricula offer a unique blend of all core academic subjects with a focus on STEAM project-based learning opportunities and immersion in the outdoors. Our model encourages problem solving through innovation, design, critical thinking, integration of learning, hands-on application, and observation of the natural world.

Justine Carryer
Executive Director

Justine Carryer is a certified teacher in secondary Mathematics and Science and is a highly qualified public-school educator in the states of Arizona and New Mexico. She has extensive background in Applied Physics and Biochemistry research starting from the age of 15. She has designed year-round Physics and Mathematics Curricula that incorporate current Common Core Standards with hands on experiential education. Justine is also a certified yoga instructor with an RYT-200 certification. Justine is passionate about making education more relevant and making STEM more accessible. She is an avid outdoorswoman who seeks every opportunity to commune with nature and experience the outdoors of the beautiful Southwest Region.

Zane Bridgers
Multimedia Director

Zane Bridgers is a freelance videographer, animator, and photgrapher. Founder of Zola Video, Zane has been working in the industry for over ten years. Zane’s educational background is in sustainable development and he is currently fundraising for his first feature length documentary on the impacts of environmental changes on the state of California in partnership with Earth Alert. Zane has worked as director of photography on a feature length film and has made promotional and tutorial videos for large financial institutions, tech companies, and schools. In the past, Zane collaborated with program sponsors to design and build a storage shed for supplies for Surya Zoba Studies’ educational programs.