Projects and Programs

Our current projects and curriculum development are based out of Page, Arizona and surrounding region including Navajo Nation, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, and Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy
Since our inception, it has been our dream to contribute to the great adventure of founding our very own school that implements a full school year of our integrated outdoor curricula. In December of 2019, it became official when Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy, a public charter school, earned its charter and will open in Page, Arizona in the fall of 2021! This amazing k-8 school is committed to providing an active student-centered environment through outdoor expeditionary learning, collaborative teachers, and family and community engagement that will develop inquisitive explorers, cultivate creative thinkers, and empower resilient learners. To learn more, get involved, and help support Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy visit their website or contact us.

Biodiversity Curriculum
In 2019, we designed a biodiversity curriculum for the National Park Service that will be available to all National Parks to engage visitors in citizen science experiences and to help rangers and park employees design their own immersive educational experiences with a focus on park biodiversity and STEAM. This project bloomed from engagement with a citizen science Bioblitz camp for the Muskogee Nation to attend in Muskogee National Historical Park.

Grand Canyon Youth River Trips with Page High School Students
Since 2014, our executive director Justine Carryer has helped to facilitate and chaperone multi-day citizen science river trips on the San Juan and Colorado Rivers. These amazing trips hosted by Grand Canyon Youth provide Page High School Students with a free river trip, on average 40 hours of community service through citizen science projects, and an extension of their academic learning through STEAM activities. To learn more about, get involved with, and support Grand Canyon Youth, please visit their website:

STEAM in the Canyon
In the summer of 2017, we embarked on our first free educational adventure with students from Page High School to explore the local landscape and design innovative solutions to local problems. For four weeks we toured the landscape surrounding Page including Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the Navajo Generating Station, the Glen Canyon Dam, and Dangling Rope Marina Solar Farm to gather data and observations of environmental issues, discuss and compare existing solutions, and design our own engineering solutions. We discovered the engineering process by building a shed with no running water or electricity and students applied this process to their own engineering projects. To find out more and to bring STEAM in the Canyon to your park, please contact us.

Academic Curricula and Resources
We have developed original year-round Mathematics and Physics curricula aligned to Common Core Standards and the SAT, the four-week curriculum for STEAM in the Canyon, and the k-8 integrated core curriculum for Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy that integrates all core subjects, the arts, and the outdoors, into 6 6-week academic units. We hope to make our curriculum accessible for teachers and would love to work with you and your school on developing an experiential education curriculum for your project or school! Please contact us for more information.